The Best Day, or 2, in Seattle

Northwest, USA
BEST Time of year
Summer, July – September

There are a lot of misconceptions about Seattle and Washington being rainy. But in fact, Seattle receives less precipitation than any city east of the Mississippi River. Out of the Top 60 largest cities in the United States, Seattle ranks as the #32nd rainiest city in the country, with about 35-37 inches of precipitation per year on average. New Orleans, the #1 rainiest city in the country, gets around 63 inches of rain per year, almost double Seattle. So where does the misconception come from? Hollywood, 1st and foremost. But the answer lies in Seattle’s Mediterranean climate and 4 distinct seasons. Seattle has extremely dry, mild summers, a very distinct autumn and spring, and a very wet, mild winter. Seattle gets nearly all its annual precipitation in winter, and it rains or drizzles or is overcast nearly every day from November through February. This long period of cloudy skies has given Seattle a bad rap for its weather, but we think Seattle has some of THE BEST WEATHER in the entire country! Visit in the summer for some of the most reliably clear, comfortable, long sunny days you have ever experienced.

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The Best Day, or 2, in Seattle

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