The Best of the Pac-Northwest

Northwest, USA
BEST Time of year
Summer, July – September

The Pacific Northwest is among the most beautiful places in the country, perhaps even the world. The most prominent mountain peaks in the lower 48 states are ringed by lush evergreen forests, dotted by crystal clear alpine lakes, and crisscrossed by cascading streams. From the lush sea-stacks, wild beaches, and temperate rain forests of the Olympic Peninsula, to the towering peaks, giant glaciers, and awe-inspiring waterfalls of the Cascades, to the dense, trend-setting modern metropolis of Seattle, this exciting voyage will guide you through some of the very best of the Pacific Northwest, including some of the most scenic and dramatic views, as you explore one of our favorite adventure destinations, Western Washington and Oregon. You can begin this trip from either Seattle or Portland, and while this adventure is geared toward the outdoor adventure enthusiast, Portland and Seattle are two of our favorite cities in the world to explore, so we’ve left plenty of time for sightseeing in both modern metropolises – and we encourage to discover both cities for yourself.

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The Best of the Pac-Northwest

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